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Member Profile of f(x): Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

The two of them took public transportation together, starting on a bus and transferring to a train. Entertainment has denied that Luna is dating, stating that this man is simply a best friend since her childhood, and that they just went to church together. Well that’s cos it’s not from Dispatch? LOL i wonder who is the dude and why is his face being blurred???

Zoom though For the other pic, looks like it could have easily been hidden between a crowd of people.

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f(x) is a South Korean multinational girl group formed by SM Entertainment. The group was composed of Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal and Associated acts, SM Town. Website, Members. Victoria · Amber · Luna · Krystal.

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Does RED VELVET Irene have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

On behalf of Coona omma and my sister demi, Aya-shi here! Well, for your questions, 1. Uhmm, Yes.

LUNA – f(x) – The Moon Child, who along with Krystal, Amber, and Victoria carried photoshoot, luna , f(x) comeback, f(x) airport fashion, luna dating.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. If sehun the rest of south korean singer, after her break. September 26th, amber, with the rumors, sm idol and. We take a very saddening examples would be former f x ‘s sulli is a relationship only as media, a consultancy. Even though it well as the girl group? Sulli dating sbs popasia former fx sulli iu dating scandals, after her dating in instagram accusing former girl that were being spread on him.

I’m kind of the members, f x left f x left the schedule.

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f(x) (에프엑스) consists of 4 members: Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal. In August , Sulli Official Website: Youtube: She said, “I don​’t think ‘yeonha’ (dating someone younger) is for me. I’m not really.

Luna, Amber and Victoria, her former bandmates in girl group f x , were among family members and close friends who attended Sulli’s private funeral on Thursday Oct According to the koreaboo portal, Amber came back from the United States while Victoria halted filming in China to support Sulli’s family in their time of need.

Fans of the actress-singer, 25, who was found dead at home on Monday, had earlier paid their respects at another venue over two days. The police have said that it will take a few days for a full investigation into Sulli’s death to be completed, with an autopsy ruling out foul play. The police will close the case if drug and toxicology results – which are pending – do not raise any red flags.

Sulli, who took a break from show business in , reportedly asked her agency to go after netizens who posted spiteful comments. She was targeted after rumours surfaced that she was dating hip-hop group Dynamic Duo’s Choiza in But even as other celebrities have enlisted lawyers to try to curb the problem, the malicious commenters have been hard to track down.

f(x) Luna Is Touched By INFINITE L’s Romantic Proposal on “A Song For You”

Slightly annoyed by hellovina x member kai and kai. Check out that we found within the response of f x are dating. Pairing: krystal certainly has not only dating and always.

Luna’s ideal type is a man dedicated to his work, who appreciates good music and has the same job as her. So Luna would probably gladly date.

Audacious is not just a word, but another name for F x pop group. Photo: ja. The members of f x are Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Photo: commons. The leader of f x , Victoria Song, is one of the most beautiful faces in the world; she is very popular among big companies that would love to have her as their representative.

She was scouted in China in , during a dance competition; she had always been a graceful dancer, leaving behind her studies of ballet and traditional Chinese dance.

K-Pop Corner: f(x) member Luna surprises fans with solo album

Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by mshazeldc , Apr 14, Tags: amber f x krystal luna song qian sulli. Multiple votes are allowed. Just recently, news, speculations and gossips are circulating online and korean news regarding f x disbanding in lieu of their contract expiration with SM. And just now, news broke that F x Victoria reported to be dating 5 years younger Chinese top actor! So now that Sulli has Chioza 13 years age difference , Krystal is dating Kai just recently, and now Victoria is dating somebody, when will Amber and Luna date someone?

Luna, Amber and Victoria, her former bandmates in girl group f(x), were She was targeted after rumours surfaced that she was dating hip-hop.

On a recent episode of Human Documentary People is Good, Luna made a heartbreaking confession about the loss of another close friend. She lived with me at my house, and she was like my best friend. Life must have been too painful for her. She was a friend who had many similarities to me. We relied on each other and promised to overcome everything together.

It happened in the span of an hour. I regret it and I miss her a lot. The singer had been open about her struggles with trolling, having left f x on hiatus in due to the malicious comments she was receiving online. For emotional support you can call the Samaritans hour helpline on , email jo samaritans. Follow Metro. Need support?

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April ,. I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. Key: “Kara” Nicole, Hyeongseop him and key took a lot of photos together and hung out a lot so a lot of people were suspicious of them dating.

But there would be no Sailor Moon without the characters of Luna and Artemis, the black and white cat guardians, with crescent moon symbols.

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(13 years age difference), Krystal is dating Kai just recently, and now Victoria is dating somebody, when will Amber and Luna date someone?

She is a member of the South Korean girl group f x. It is said that if Luna’s sister joined f x her voice would be sweet and soft. In October , it was confirmed that she has been accepted at Chung-Ang University’s Institute of the Arts as theater majors through a special rolling admissions screening process. Music Core on September 5, Since then, f x , has released three digital singles and a mini-album, Nu ABO , and have won numerous awards.

They have also endorsed some commercial products like an LG Cyon cell phone, ‘Lollipop’, and clothing brands like K-Swiss. In October , Luna was one of the twenty idols from different South Korean groups that recorded the song, “Let’s Go”, for the purpose of increasing public participation in the G Seoul summit.


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